A daily treatment of organic chemistry works to break down the appearance of hyper pigmentation, sun spots and age spots and brighten the complexion.

Contains a potent complex of tone-correcting Licorice Root, Mulberry, Arbutin from winter berries and Kojic Acid from mushrooms.

Featured Ingredients

Licorice Root: Obtained from the roots of Glycyrrhiza Glabra, this perennial herb is native to southern Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean.

Mulberry:Mulberry root extract comes from the white Mulberry tree that is native to China, but cultivated in Europe, Japan, Australia and North America.

Arbutin: Derived from bear/winter berries and native to Switzerland

Kojic Acid: Obtained from mushrooms / fungus and native to Japan

Licorice & Winterberry Anti Pigment Nectar

  • aloe barbadensis (Aloe) juice, hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycerin, carica papaya (Papaya) extract, carica papaya (Green Papaya) extract, ananas comosus (Pineapple) extract, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice root), kojic acid, bear berry (arbutin), moraceae (mulberry), phenoxyethanol, citric acid.

  • Apply thin layer over entire face 1 to 2 times per day. For best results
    while Nectar is still dewey on the skin, follow with Fields & Flower
    Hydra Cremes. Do not use on broken skin or get in eyes. For external use
    only. Avoid Vitamin C Serums when using.